Reverse Mortgage Leads

Reverse Mortgage Leads
reverse mortgage leadsWe sell very high quality reverse mortgage leads.  Our leads are generated online and call verified to ensure that the applicant is 62+ and has an LTV <60%.  This allows you to move quickly past the pre-screening and straight to what you can offer the applicant.  When you get valid pre-screened leads your conversion rate increases and that is one reason why we partner up with our clients in this vertical.

How are the leads generated?
Our Reverse Mortgage Leads are generated from our CPC search network, display network, email database and our affiliate network.

How are the leads delivered?
We can deliver leads through real-time email, batch files or post the data to your CRM or database.

Can I return invalid leads?
Yes, we accept returns for invalid leads (bad contact information- disconnected phone or wrong numbers.)

We are only selling exclusive leads.
Exclusive Leads- are sold only once.
Aged Leads- these leads have been sold and are not real-time. Often times the recipient did not sign a contract and are still in need of help. It is a very inexpensive way to get some data for your call center.

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