Uptown Leads
We generate online leads across many different verticals. Below you will find some of the online leads that we generate. We do have the ability to generate leads across more verticals, so don’t hesitate to ask, as we love to take on new clients!

Health Insurance Leads
online leadsOur Health Insurance leads come from qualified individuals who are looking for more information on health insurance. They are great for call centers or individual sales reps.

Life Insurance Leads
online leadsOur Life Insurance leads are generated online from qualified individuals who are looking for more information regarding life insurance. These leads are call verified to ensure the accuracy of the data.

Reverse Mortgage Leads
online leadsOur Reverse Mortgage leads target users over the age of 62, own their home with a home value over $100k and an LTV that is <60%. All leads are call verified and exclusive.

Satellite Television Leads
online leadsWe are approved to sell Satellite Television leads. Our leads target those who would like an alternative to cable television. We can target both Dish Network and DirecTV.

Tax Debt Leads
online leadsOur Tax Debt leads are generated from users who owe the IRS more than $10k in back taxes. The leads are highly responsive because users are actively seeking help for their IRS tax debt.

Custom Leads
online leadsWe have a large network of websites, email database of 30mm+ and 250mm searches/ day in our network. We can easily test any new vertical. Contact us for more information.