Custom Leads

Custom Leads
custom leadsWe can produce any type of lead that you are looking for.  Let us know what vertical you are in, what type of lead you need, the data points that need to be captured and your target CPL (cost per lead.)  If the CPL is fair market value, we will put together a vertical and start sending you leads.  We have many custom clients (power chairs, auto loans, payday, loans, foreclosures, debt leads, mortgage and more.)

How are the leads generated?
All of our leads are generated from our CPC search network, display network, email database and our affiliate network.

How are the leads delivered?
All of our leads are delivered through real-time email, batch files or post the data to your CRM or database.

Can I return invalid leads?
Yes, we accept returns for invalid leads (bad contact information- disconnected phone or wrong numbers.)

Other Verticals
-Auto- Auto Loan leads, Auto Warranty leads, New Car leads, Used Car leads
-Financial- Annuity leads
-Mortgage- Home Equity leads, Mortgage Loan leads, Real Estate leads, Refinance leads
-Subprime- Credit Repair leads, Debt leads, Foreclosure leads, Payday loan leads
-Other- POS Systems, Power Chairs
**These are all verticals that we have generated leads in.

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