Health Insurance Leads

Health Insurance Leads
health insurance leadsIf the health of your business depends on finding valuable health insurance leads, you do not want to spend countless hours cold calling data lists as you filter through uninterested parties.  Instead, you want to speak to potential customers who have requested information on health insurance and are expecting a call back to find out more on what you can provide.  Having a recipient who expects your call ensures that you will achieve a higher conversion rate and a higher return on your investment.

How are the leads generated?
Our Health Insurance Leads are generated from our CPC search network, display network, email database and our affiliate network.

How are the leads delivered?
We can deliver leads through real-time email, batch files or post the data to your CRM or database.

Can I return invalid leads?
Yes, we accept returns for invalid leads (bad contact information- disconnected phone or wrong numbers.)

We have both exclusive and non-exclusive leads for sale.
Exclusive Leads- are sold only once.
Non-Exclusive Leads- are sold up to four times.

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